SPONSORSHIP – The Life Blood of Sports Events!

We have all noticed colourful logos on stadium walls, sports ground, perimeter boards, racing cars, sports equipment and even plastered all over athletes – that is what SPONSORSHIP is! Sponsorship is often seen as a logo stamped around and on the event properties, however there’s much more to this carefully designed Marketing process than meets the eye.

How Analytics is changing the Game?

“Data” is becoming one of the most important components of today’s data-intensive knowledge economy. As one can see, we are inherently being driven by data. Empires are being built.. not on intuition, not on guesses, not on hypothesis, but on data that is being generated and analyzed day in, day out.

The “Suits” in Sports

Spend time studying any industry and you will realize that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of different career opportunities possible. Sports industry is especially becoming enticing because of increasing loyalty and followership. In today’s world, people are looking to merge passion with career to truly enjoy what they do!

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