How Analytics is changing the Game?

“Data” is becoming one of the most important components of today’s data-intensive knowledge economy. As one can see, we are inherently being driven by data. Empires are being built.. not on intuition, not on guesses, not on hypothesis, but on data that is being generated and analyzed day in, day out.

Not only businesses but every one of us is relying on data to improve our lifestyle. This is clearly warranted by the increasing sales of Fitbit and other fitness trackers of the world. People are getting accustomed to viewing instant analytics on the number of steps walked during a day to the number of sleep hours completed.

Now coming to sports analytics, what do you think is the strategy behind a solid win? It’s meaningful and insightful data that helps the right people take the right decisions.

Sports analytics has stepped beyond predicting game results, providing player analytics, managing team performance to bringing insights for revolutionizing how coaches coach, athletes train, and fans enjoy sports.

Organizations are increasingly using sophisticated technology and advanced statistics to monitor and gain a competitive edge. Millions of data points are being generated every day leading to a rise in demand of professionals who can interpret this data.

The smallest advantage can lead to the biggest reward in sports.

So, sign up for our course here. Champion the ways to estimate player performance, opponent analysis, team selection strategies, in-game tactics, fan engagement, and redesign your resume to flaunt your new skills and highlight that you have been coached first hand by A R Srikkanth (ex-strategic analyst, Kolkata Knight Riders) and Shankar Kumar (Data Scientist at Heuristix, ex Post Doc : NASA).

Today is the day to become a part of Sport’s statistical revolution.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse any brand. The review is based purely on personal usage and experience.

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