5 Lessons from Game of Thrones for Event Planners!

Looking for a conversation starter? “Game of Thrones” can get you rolling with almost anyone these days! The marketing gimmicks applied by GOT has created enough excitement, and enthusiasm to get everyone hooked!

Though not happy about the 10-month winter break after season 6, we managed to avoid biting our nails by compiling a list of lessons learnt from GOT to become better at Event Planning and management –

1. Never Stop Learning

No two days look the same in an event planner’s life. When everything is moving simultaneously, Muphy’s law applies perfectly well – “Everything that can go wrong will go wrong” and when everything does go wrong, mistakes are bound to be made! So, don’t get bogged down. Make mistakes, learn from them, grow and move on!


2. Keep your partners close

Event planning is all about keeping everyone informed! Whether it is a team member, vendors or clients! If you are going to mess up the flower arrangements, your bride better know about it beforehand so that she can mask that expression of shock off her face while making her grand entrance!



3. Always keep your word

Golden rule of life – “Always under commit and over deliver”. That is the real key to success in event planning. Set the expectations but always stretch that extra mile and earn credits.



4. Keep well informed on the trends

The events industry is rapidly changing and it is becoming increasingly important to be up to date and to keep up with the latest trends. Stay current, attend networking events and subscribe to blogs that interest you and your domain.



5. Take Risks

The band just cancelled? Flights got delayed? Unexpected rains? Car broke down? Flowers didn’t arrive in time? Just don’t sweat the small things and use the craziness of the situation to generate new ideas or create alternate plans!


Come join the geekiness and share your favorite Game of Thrones lessons and quotes with us in the comments!

Disclaimer: The information published on this blog are purely for educational and informational purpose.

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