SPONSORSHIP – The Life Blood of Sports Events!

We have all noticed colourful logos on stadium walls, sports ground, perimeter boards, racing cars, sports equipment and even plastered all over athletes – that is what SPONSORSHIP is! Sponsorship is often seen as a logo stamped around and on the event properties, however there’s much more to this carefully designed Marketing process than meets the eye.

 Why should a brand be interested in a sponsorship?

Why are brands fighting battles to win sponsorships for major sports event?

 “Sport is now the only potential discipline where you can engage very high numbers of people. It still provides one of the few moments that is broadcasted live where having a replay doesn’t make sense”. –  Jean Pierre Diernaz, VP Marketing, Nissan Europe

 In today’s world, where we are constantly on the move, plugged to minimum 2 devices, accessing content on demand, SPORT is the only medium that holds the power to broadcast marketing message on a global level, uniting audience through universal passion. It’s because of this that the sports market is estimated to be worth $700bn and is growing more rapidly than global GDP.

 Sport partnerships are powerful and can help build brands beyond game day. Sports has a mass appeal; sports fanatics are not going anywhere and brands find solace in knowing that their message is delivered to a sizeable audience. Sports event excites consumers and brands pile onto this excitement by partnering with sports event organisers to put out the brand and mission in the heart of the exciting conversation.

 Millions of fans watch different sports event and are exposed to various brands, whose image are unconsciously linked with the value of sports. The brands leverage on this connection and use the event athletes to then be the endorsers. The clothes, accessories, etc., worn by these sports celebrities catch hold of fans attention and is further propagated through word of mouth, fan clubs, fan groups, etc.

 The global sports sponsorship is projected to be $44 billion in 2017 and accounts for 70% of total sponsorship spend by brands globally.

Sponsorship graph1.png

Sports sponsorship in India grew at 19.33% in 2016 to ₹6400 crore from ₹5363.3 crores in 2015. The main drivers of this growth being the digitisation and availability of sports content online, increasing options in sports events and use of social media to generate buzz and create awareness.

 A classic example is IPL (Indian Premier League).

 As summer creeps in, so does the IPL fever. IPL is a beast. It is the most attended cricket event in the world.

 The cost of the IPL sponsorship has gone up from ₹40 crores per season in Season 1 (2008) to ₹80 crores per season in Season 6 (2013) to ₹95 crores per season in Season 9 (2016) and now to a whopping ₹439.8 crores a season in Season 11 (2018).

 The Chinese mobile company Vivo Electronic Corp. tied up with IPL in 2016 shelling out ₹95 crores a season and has now renewed the contract for whooping ₹439.8 crores a season for 5 years, which is 5 times the original deal. This has made IPL one of the world’s most valuable one in terms of title sponsor. This amount is higher than ₹330 crore a year Barclays Plc. paid to be the title sponsor of the world’s most watched sports league, English Premier League.

 IPL has a mass appeal and is most watched sports event in India, representing fan following across all age groups. Earlier, cricket in India was male viewed, but with IPL madness, it is now family skewed. Vivo wanted to create a top-of-the-mind recall and nothing can beat the IPL which comes with a high viewership premium. 

Not every IPL match will be watched closely by everyone. But the TV will be switched on, FM radios will go on and any viewer who is listening while driving, watching it on the go or watching it sporadically will be exposed to the brand.

 The brand has become so etched in our memory, that subconsciously we have all started to call it – VIVO IPL, and this is what the sponsorship game is all about!

 To know more about the various types of sponsorships, sponsor and sponsee relations and decode the multifaceted sports sponsorship ,enroll for our courses here and become a master of Sports Sponsorships.

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