Who we are:

Baseline Ventures is a Sports Marketing, Entertainment and Brand Licensing Company providing effective solutions to connect brands and their audience through various platforms of Sponsorships, Licensing, Media Rights Distribution, Events and Consulting.

Learntron is a venture-funded tech start-up that provides a live-first and mobile-friendly SAAS based learning solution to design and deliver engaging courses fully online.

ProBaseline is a joint initiative of Baseline Ventures and Learntron, visionary companies in the fields of Sports and Learning Technology.

What we do:

We, at ProBaseline, are committed to empowering people with skills essential for management of sports events by bringing together subject matter experts from all over the world.

The major online courses that we offer are:

  1. Sports Marketing & Management: Equip yourself with the management skills required in sports organisations.
  2. Sports Sponsorship & Commerce: Learn the skills to market or sell anything in sports business.
  3. Sports Analytics: Gain insights into various analytics tool, technology and strategies used in sports.
  4. Event Management: Get hands-on experience in organising & executing large scale events.

Why we do what we do:

We, at ProBaseline, are passionate about sports and learning. This combined passion has driven us to compile our tacit knowledge and consolidate our resources to create these in-depth courses on subjects relating to Sports management.

We intend to equip the masses with the key success factors instrumental for a great progression path in the sports industry.



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